International support to biodiversity conservation in Albania
November 15, 2011
Representatives of Albanian central and local Government, Italian Embassy, international organizations, donors, universities, civil society and media will participate to the opening conference start of the project “Institutional Support to the Albanian Ministry of Environment, Forests and Water Administratio for Sustainable Biodiversity Conservation and Use in Protected Areas and Management of Waste”, focused on institutional capacity building and support to the environmental protection in Albania. The event is organized by the Italian Embassy in Tirana and the Albanian Ministry of Environment, Forest and Water Administration (MoEFWA), with the support of IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature).

The event will take place on 15/11/2011 at the Hotel Tirana International, h 10:00, and is launching a 2 years-long project which will support national and local staff of the Ministry and contribute to the development of technical, planning and implementation capacities of these offices. The overall objective of the project is to strengthen both central and local offices of the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Water Administration in developing technical and implementation capacities to systematically plan and manage protected areas.

The project will also contribute to an enhancement of local socio-economic conditions through the promotion of alternative sustainable economic activities for local populations residing near or within the two selected Project protected areas: Shebenik-Jablanica Na-tional Park and Velipoje Protected Landscape. These selected sites provide vast ecosystem services for the population, for example they guarantee the quality and permanence of water and prevent coastal erosion. Both areas are also bordering with other countries and the dialogue on biodiversity conservation between Albania and these two countries may also lead to a broader systemic approach to conservation. Implementation of the project will be executed by IUCN with two local partners: Institute for Nature Conservation of Albania – INCA, and Protection and Preservation of Natural Environment in Albania – PPNEA.

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